Beating the January Blues

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So…anyone had enough of January yet???

It starts so well doesn’t it – resolutions, good intentions, refocused to-do lists! But gradually the darker days, the chilly weather and the resolutions going slowly down the drain, make us all feel slightly ready to move on. But with a positive mindset, a healthy and active approach and a bit of forward planning, it doesn’t need to feel like the ‘dreaded’ month.

So what better way to beat those January Blues, than to get down to a bit of holiday planning?! Here at Sandy Toes, we’re always thinking of sunnier days and holidays, so as a bit of inspiration, we’ll be bringing you a round-up of some of the best family travel blogs as well as some great destination ideas and reviews.

Family holidays are such a wonderful time to create memories no matter where you are. And whether you’re visiting the same place for the 5th time or exploring somewhere completely new, you’ll always have a different experience and make different but equally precious memories…

A recent survey from followers of Zena’s Suitcase revealed that 63% of readers are fans of the travel blogs and make sure they read up on the latest info and tips from them before booking any family trips.

And here is our selection of some great family travel blogs to follow in 2018…

Travel Mad Mum aims to inspire parents with personal experience and top tips. She covers topics such as backpacking with a baby, flying with a toddler, as well as destination based info.

Clare from Suitcases and Sandcastles, a former writer for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, now imparts her wisdom via her blog with the aim of helping make travel and culture more fun for families.

The Wandermust Family follow the ethos that your love of travel and luxury doesn’t have to end when you have children. And why not indeed?! Their blog covers their globetrotting adventures as well as a great interview section on ‘Fearless Family Travel’. A must read!

And there are some great ideas for destination planning from these bloggers…

Plutonium Sox has a fantastic blog post giving ideas for UK travel, giving their recommendations for every month of the year covering the length and breadth of the UK.

Mini Travellers share their bucket list for the year, which includes inspiration to make the most of weekends by exploring close to home, as well as some great plans for far-flung adventures.

And we love the approach of Mummy Travels, who has based this year’s wishlist on goals rather than places – exciting to see where those goals will take her as the year progresses.

We’ll certainly be taking some of this advice and inspiration on board and will be getting busy planning the year ahead, but also leaving time for some of those unexpected moments to just escape the day to day and make some memories.

Where will your planning take you?


Kat xx

Kat Kitto

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