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Camel on beach in Morocco Swimming pool and trees in Essaouira Road Souk stalls in Essaouira

Where: Morrocco - Essaouira 

Who: Family of 6 (kids aged 4, 6, 8, 10)

When: August

They loved it because:

> of the amazing array of wildlife (tortoises, chameleons, camels)

> the shopping in the Souk was so colourful and cheap

> the people were so welcoming and friendly 

 What the blogs say:

@travelynnfamily state Essaouira as their favourite family travel destination in their interview with @wandermustfamily and love it for its quintessential Moroccan charm and character, fascinating culture, friendly locals and cheap prices!

@iescapewithkids give some great tips of what to do and where to eat in this delightful fishing port which exudes a slow pace and relaxed atmosphere! 

Kat Kitto

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