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Desert Palm Dubai hotel from Mr and Mrs Smith website Close up of camel's face with bright pompoms Clear blue ocean tide waves washing into sanding beach in Dubai          

 Where: Jebel Ali - Dubai

Who: Family of 4 (kids aged 2 and 6)

When: February

They loved it because:

> the service was fantastic (staying at the ja jebel ali beach hotel) with ice lollies and treats handed out freely to the kids

> it's reliably warm in February and not too long a flight (7/7.5 hours)

> the temparature of the pools is delightful - almost bath like!

What the blogs say:

Full Suitcase gives us a packed itinerary with a great round up of 20 things to do in Dubai for the whole family - I think we'd love to give the 4x4 desert safari drive a go!  

And if you've only got a short time in Dubai then Mum on the Move gives us the low down of the best things to do in a 48 hour family trip.

Mr and Mrs Smith describe Dubai as a rags-to-riches boom town and have a great round up of some of the best places to stay...



Kat Kitto

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