Wildfire Teepees


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Lindsey at Wildfire Teepees made a single teepee for her son’s first birthday and such was its popularity amongst her friends and family, that she was asked to make more and a brand was born.

At Wildfire Teepes, the focus is on simple design and quality materials. Striking and bold monochrome prints are featured on quality 100% cotton canvas with pops of bright coloured herringbone trim. The tulip wood poles have been sourced for their pale colour and smooth surface and compliment the monochrome prints perfectly.

They have developed a range that is needed for every kid’s summer adventures…

Why we love Wildfire Teepees:

We love any excuse to get the kids outdoors and what better way to do it than making a den in the garden or on the beach in a super stylish Wildfire teepee?! The fantastic quality and bold prints make these teepees a summer essential not to miss.